Toman's King Camp sits three-hundred and fifty miles southwest of Anchorage and lies on the Nushagak River. By Alaska standards it's an unassuming place, quietly collecting 4,400 miles of creeks and small rivers on its way to Bristol Bay. That is, until late June when the Nushagak River host one incredible run of Chinook Salmon. Put simply, Nushagak River salmon fishing is far beyond "World-Class" and is appropriately described as, "the class of the world."

Chinook enter the Nushagak in numbers during the third week of June. In order to offer quality fishing for our customers we do not open Toman's King Camp until the last week. From day one, we're into fish. Vicious strikes fold rods into their butt sections and drag systems are taken to their limits. Nushagak chinook are more than aggressive... they're plain mean. Prone to leaping from the water in awesome aerial displays, landing them is some of the hardest work you'll ever love. Over the course of the whole season, we average over thirty fish per day... per boat.

Our camp is on the very bank of the river with an excellent run only feet away from shore. Guest quarters consist of 12' x 14' two-room wall tents, each with a screened porch. You room with one other person in your party. For those

arriving alone, we also offer six single-occupant quarters.

These accommodations along with a main dining hall, cook tent, and heated shower-tent create a level of comfort not often found in a wilderness experience. Meals are served family style, as is our hospitality. Equal to the fishing is sharing the experience, over good food, with good company.

We begin each day with a hearty breakfast, then hit the water. Breaking for lunch, and again for dinner, we offer a minimum of ten hours guided fishing daily. Alaska fishing trips require sizeable commitment. At Toman's King Camp, we pride ourselves on delivering the trip you seek. Arrive with a bad case of the fishin' bug, we'll cure it. Mother nature provides us over twenty hours of good daylight in June and July, and for those intent on capturing every minute of it, the bank fishing just steps from camp can also be highly productive.

 Nushagak chinook arrive in prime condition, the color of freshly-minted silver. Full of vigor, the average fish runs twenty-five pounds with exceptional fish going to fifty. It is these chinooks' combination of tenacity and numbers that creates the finest salmon fishing in the world. In addition to the chinook, the Nushagak host strong runs of chum, sockeye, pink and silver salmon -- but the chinook fishing is so good, most anglers never take a moment to fish for these outstanding salmon.

Our season lasts a total of six weeks, fishing only through the peak period of the run. Your adventure begins in Dillingham, which is serviced by commercial flights. From there it's a short float-plane trip to the beach in front of our camp. As you step from the plane, you're hit with the realization that you are no longer one who simply dreams of Alaska, you are one who lives it!

4 days 3 nights $2,295
5 days 4 nights  $2695
6 days 5 nights  $2995
7 days 6 nights  $3395

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