At Bob Toman Guide Service we fish three primary locations in Oregon; The Clackamas River, the Deschutes River, and Tillamook Bay.

Each is an extremely different place, separated by far more than geographic location, yet each provides an angling experience that is distinctly Oregon. "I began guiding professionally in 1968, and over the past 30+ years have continually refined techniques and locations that offer all anglers a quality day upon the water." - Bob Toman®

Clackamas River
Dec. 15 to May 30

Leaving from Portland, you can be on the Clackamas River before your coffee gets cold. Literally on the outskirts of a major city, there is no better way to beat cabin fever than a day on the water. In the month of December, the Clackamas' winter steelhead begin to return home. With multiple hatchery stocks returning, the run maintains strength through March. Fresh, strong and ranging into the teens in size, these steelhead provide a silver shine against winter's gray skies. In April, returning winter steelhead are joined by spring chinook and the year's first summer steelhead. The spring chinook is the most cherished member of all salmon species, unrivaled in table quality. We fish the Clackamas by jet sled, and if it seems I know this river like my own backyard... that's because it is.

Deschutes River - Aug. 15 to Sept. 19
The Deschutes River summer steelhead fishery is arguably the best on the planet. With its cool flows as an incentive, fish bound for rivers as far away as Idaho enter the Deschutes to take a break from the warm waters of the Columbia River. These "dip-ins" as they are called can number in the thousands, and when combined with returning Deschutes fish, create a fishery that demands attention. We travel the river by jet boat, crossing class three and four rapids, moving upriver through the rugged desert canyon. By law you cannot fish from a boat, and upon arrival at prime spots we wade for fish. The demands the river places upon you are rewarded with eager steelhead, tenacious fighters that skillfully use the big river currents in unrelenting battles. If you were to rate the Deschutes steelhead fishery against fishing trips of all kinds, worldwide, this trip would have to be a top ten.

Tillamook Bay Sept. 22 - Nov. 10
Heralded for its history of big chinook salmon, Tillamook Bay presents a challenging fishery along-side the lush green of the Oregon coast. Tillamook is home of the "hawg" chinook, fish of such proportion that this sleepy dairy town becomes a major destination when the fall salmon return. Consistently, the bay and its five tributary rivers, produce the largest chinook on the west coast. In addition to their size, catch records affirm impressive productivity. On average, 50,000 chinook are harvested in Oregon coastal fisheries, 25,000 of which come from this singular basin.

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10 Hours per/person  $225

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